Website Thumb Generator can be used to create website thumbnails for your needs, or start your own website thumbnail generation service.


  • Windows hosting
  • PHP GD library (installed on most hostings)
  • Permissions to execute third-party applications (i.e. exe files)
  • Permissions to execute Internet Explorer

How it works:

  • Website Thumbnail Generator checks if it already has website image in the cache, and shows it in the browser.
  • If no cached image then IECapt would be run from the script.
  • IECapt would run Internet Explorer, grab full sized website screenshot from it, and save image into the folder you specified in script settings.
  • Then Website Thumbnail Generator would resize image, and show it in the browser.


  • Download IECapt from or from our site: IECapt. Place it in some folder on your server.
  • Download Website Thumbnail Generator using link below, and unzip it to the same folder.
  • Update webthumb.php with your settings for thumbnails folder, cache time, default thumbnail size, etc.

Sample usage:

  • webthumb.php?url=
  • webthumb.php?url=

Note: this tool cannot create snapshots from image files. Read following article on how to generate thumbnails from image files: Thumbnail Creator / Generator

Download Website Thumbnail Generator