PHP Thumbnail Creator is designed to generate thumbnails from JPG, GIF, or PNG images. Script can save rendered thumbnail as file on your server or output it directly to the browser.


  • PHP 4.0.6
  • GD 2.0.1 or later


  • JPG, PNG, GIF image type supported (depends on GD2 library)
  • Proportional image resize
  • Create thumbnails from files on the server or from remote images (by URL)
  • Save thumbnail as file on server, or output directly to the browser
  • You can override generated thumbnail type. All thumbnails can be of the same type (i.e. all JPG) regardless of the source image type
  • All thumbnail properties can be controlled via parameters
  • Supports custom default values (change default values in the script code)

Sample usage:

  • Save created thumbnail on server
  • Output created thumbnail to the browser

Script can also help you if you need to show few thumbnails based on the same source image but in different sizes, when you cannot afford saving created thumbs on your server for some reason.


  • src – path to source image
  • dest – path to save created thumbnail (required only if saving generated thumb to file)
  • x – max thumbnail width
  • y – max thumbnail height
  • q – thumbnail quality (applicable only to JPG, 1 to 100, 100 – best)
  • t – thumb type. “-1” – same as source, 1 = GIF, 2 = JPG, 3 = PNG
  • f – save to file (1) or output to browser (0).

Note: this tool cannot create website snapshots. Read following article on how to generate website thumbnails: Website Snapshot / Thumbnail Creators

Download Thumbnail Creator / Generator