Less-commonly used input types include the following:

value purpose
hidden Contains a value, in the form <input type="hidden" value="x">. Must be placed between opening and closing <form> tags. Used to pass a value to the form parser that the user does not enter themselves. Commonly used in CGI scripts (for example, to pass the eMail address to send the parsed form information to) or multi-part forms.
image A substitute for the submit type, replacing the submit button with an image. Takes the form <input type="image" src="image.gif">
password Used to obscure the entry of text from “over-the-shoulder” social hackers. Visually replaces text entered into the text box with dots or asterisks. Does notencode or encrypt the entered text – it is still sent as plaintext over the Internet. Should have a switch option, if possible.
file Allows the user to choose a file from their own system to upload to the site. Automatically generates a text entry area together with a “Browse” button that will open the client’s file browser.